Cynthia J. Jameson

CJJ pic Cynthia J. Jameson is a Professor Emerita of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois-Chicago. These pages include her activities in research and teaching and in encouraging women who are pursuing academic careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

for STEM women on the academic career path

The representation of women in leadership positions in our academic institutions, scientific and professional societies, and honorary organizations is low relative to the representation of women among Ph. D. recipients in the fields of science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). My goal is to encourage those women who have embarked on the journey of pursuing degrees in these fields. toward a career path by which they will reach their full intellectual potential. These pages may be helpful.

It is not enough to provide for self-awareness and career development of women in STEM. It is also important to provide for training of search committees, executive committees and promotion and tenure committees to be sensitive to unconscious bias in the recruiting, hiring, retention, promotion and tenure process. This website contains some of the materials which C. J. Jameson has prepared and used in educational workshiops for the committee members who are evaluators in these processes, for diversity and bias awareness:

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